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Bullimores has over 100 year of experience in Plant Hire. Our local depot in St Neots covers hires for Cambridge and the Cambridgeshire area. For mini digger hires in Cambridge, just give us a call.

mini digger hire cambridge


1.5 ton Digger hires from Bullimores mean that you will be hiring the Kubota’s KX015-4 mini excavators, which offer superior performance with a deluxe interior. These diggers raise the standard in the 1.5-2.0 ton category. In addition, they offer a powerful digging force and a more comprehensive working range than other higher-end excavators.  

Mini Digger Hire Cambridge: Call 01480 217120 to book or get a quote.


Our 3.0 ton Digger hires mean that you will be hiring the Kubota’s U27-4 compact excavator, which is compact and tough enough to tackle the most demanding tasks in tight spaces with ease.

These 3.0 ton Diggers are designed to handle the challenging jobs that are way out of reach for bigger excavators.

Mini Digger Hire Cambridge: Call 01480 217120 to book or get a quote.

0.8 ton digger hire
5 ton digger hire


Our 5 & 6 ton Digger hires mean that you will be hiring the Kubota’s U55-4 mini excavator.  These diggers offer the power needed for demanding jobs and the versatility to work in any condition. 

Versatility is greatly enhanced with standard* and precise oil flow control with two auxiliary circuits. With boosted digging and lifting power and smoother travel performance, this 5 ton digger truly has it all.

In addition, this advanced excavator is designed with superior stability to perform efficiently even where space is confined. 

Mini Digger Hire Cambridge: Call 01480 217120 to book or get a quote.



Our St. Neots Depot covers Cambridge and Cambridgeshire county and beyond.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to hire a mini digger to landscape your garden or someone in the trade who needs equipment to deliver a commercial scheme, we’ve got it covered.

Bullimores Plant Hire (St. Neots, Cambridgeshire)
Industrial Estate, Little End Road,
Foundry Way, Eaton Socon,
Saint Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 8TR

Tel: 01480 217120

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Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery slots are managed on a first-come, first-serve basis, just give us a call to book your hire and delivery.

Plant Hire Cambridgeshire

mini digger hire cambridge - FAQ's

How soon can you deliver my mini digger to Cambridge?

While there is availability, we are happy to provide a next day delivery service for your digger and dumper hire. There are a limited number of ‘first drop’ delivery spaces available so please get in touch to book your slot.

Do I need a license to operate machinery?

We do not need to see any license, providing that the property owner is content that you are competent to operate a machine – that is as far as what the law requires.

How long is a hire day?

A typical hire period is based on 24 hours, so we will collect the equipment 24 hours or later after you have hired the equipment.

How much for a few extra hours?

If you wish to keep the machine longer, you must pay for the full day.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Unless you have a credit account, a deposit must be made. Each product has a set deposit value.

What is the condition of the equipment?

We pride ourselves on supplying modern and well-maintained equipment. All equipment is tested before each hire.

What about insurance?

We do not offer a damage waiver on our hire fleet. All damage will be charged accordingly (excluding fair wear and tear). It is the hirers responsibility to insure all equipment against theft or loss. Equipment will be charged on a market-value basis. We can provide insurance for cash sale customers.

Can I have my equipment delivered first thing?

We do try our best to keep all of our customers happy. However, there are a limited number of ‘first drop’ delivery spaces available, and while we are happy to accommodate customers’ delivery requirements, it is not always possible to give everyone the ‘first drop’ delivery slots.

Can you collect or deliver at the weekends?

Due to the Working Time Directives, it is not possible to make larger deliveries or collections on the weekend (drivers’ hours are very limited!). To do so would require employing additional staff just to work weekends, and as such, it is not really viable.

Will you put the machine in the back garden?

We deliver machines to the curbside, but unfortunately, we are not insured to drive the machines into your garden.

What happens if I am not here when you collect the machine?

Please leave the key in a safe place, and we will do our best to accommodate your circumstances.

How clean does the machine need to be?

We are happy if you have made an effort to clean the machine. If you have gotten the worst of the muck off it, that is all we ask.

What Areas Do Bullimores Cover?

Our plant hire services are available to those based in any of the following locations;

If you don’t see your location here and are unsure if we deliver to it, please get in touch.


At Bullimore Plant Hire we run a large fleet of Diggers, Dumpers, Rollers and Telehandlers in the Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire & Lincolnshire areas. Call us now for for competitive plant hire rates.

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