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4 Things To Consider Before Attempting To Manage Your Own DIY Construction Project

When you want to make changes on your property but want to save on the costs, the first thing you would probably ask yourself is whether you can handle a DIY construction project on your own. 

Performing a search on Google for DIY construction project help and tutorials will return many results for construction videos and how-to articles. But, don’t be fooled, things will be portrayed a lot simpler than they actually are. So, before you dive headfirst, here are a few things to consider before deciding whether to hire a contractor or do it yourself.

4 things to think about before starting a DIY construction project:

  1. Will a DIY construction project save you money?

  2. Do you have the skill and experience to handle all the tasks?

  3. Do you understand the requirement of your Local Authority regarding permits, rules, and regulations?

  4. Are you 100% satisfied that you and any co-workers can manage the project safely?

DIY Construction Project
Demolition of the garage in the garden, selective focus

Will a DIY construction project save you money?

You need to determine how much it would cost for a contractor to do the work and compare that to how much it would cost to manage the work yourself. When calculating for a DIY project, you should add the cost of the machinery you’d purchase or rent and what machinery would be best for the job. For example, do you need diggers and dumpers or just a micro digger, mini digger, 3 tonne digger or 5 tonne digger hire?

Also, factor in the estimated number of hours you’d spend on the project and what money you’d lose as doing this project by yourself means sacrificing some time from your regular day job.

Don’t forget to consider the size of your project, the area of the construction coverage, and the project depth, as these may affect the actual need for extra manpower to complete the task, which will need to be accounted into your costings.

You might figure that hiring a professional contractor who can finish the job efficiently will save you time, effort, and money.  

Do you have the skill and experience to handle all the tasks?

Your project fulfilment may include some tasks that require a specialist’s skill to manage them correctly and achieve the correct result. While you can learn most things if you put your mind to it, you need to evaluate if you have the luxury of time for learning and practising that skill before you commence your construction. A word of wanting, mistakes won’t just be costly. They can be dangerous too.

Do you understand the requirement of your Local Authority regarding permits, rules, and regulations?

When it comes to a groundworks project, you need to secure approval from your local government. You’ll also need to meet the specific construction requirements and standards, especially for drainage and sewer connections. Planning and construction approvals can be a minefield. There is a huge advantage of working with a team of people who have established relationships with your local authorities and understand their requirements. Warning: Potential delays could be on the cards if you don’t fully comply with standards set by your local authorities. So make sure you are fully aware of what you need to do to get these pushed through promptly and considerately.

Are you 100% satisfied that you and any co-workers can manage the DIY construction project safely?

When doing a DIY construction project, ensure that you can complete the construction without sacrificing your safety. This includes ensuring that you have the suitable materials and equipment and the know-how to use them.

Aside from finishing the project, your goal should consist of making sure that you and the people around you would be uninjured throughout the project duration. If you don’t trust yourself in this regard, hire professional groundwork contractors who are trained to conduct their work safely.



Now, if you’re confident that you can achieve all of the above, then maybe a DIY construction project is right for you. 

For advice on the plant machinery you’ll need for your project, please speak to a member of our team who will be happy to advise and reserve the best equipment to do the job.

Alternatively, if you are not entirely optimistic you can handle the job at hand, then take time to speak to a professional groundwork contractor instead to ensure your project is safely executed promptly and to the highest quality.


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