13 - 14 ton EXCAVATOR hire

13 – 14 Ton EXCAVATOR Hire Overview


Our 13 – 14 ton excavator hire fleet is equipped with the Volvo Excavator EC140. These machines come with a turbocharged Cummins diesel engine with direct injection, auxiliary hydraulic valve and a mighty digging force. Furthermore, these machines have been specially designed to offer the best in low emissions, fuel economy and a machine range and power to command any job.

Key Features

  • Maximises Productivity
  • High Digging Capacity
  • Precision Maneuvering
  • Good Fuel Economy
  • Reduced Noise
  • Air Conditioning & Heating
  • Ergonomic Operator Seat – Back Support
  • Enhanced Safety Feature
Technical Specification
Track Width
600 mm
Transport Width
2590 mm
Height of Boom
2780 - 3370 mm
13,7 - 15,6 t
Maximum Digging Depth
4870 - 5880 mm
Minimum Front Slew Radius
2570 - 2830 mm


The 4-stroke diesel engine provides low emission and is turbocharged with water cooling, direct injection and aftercooler. These 13 & 14 ton excavators can work at any job site, contributing to good fuel economy, low sound level, less wear and longer life.

Automatic idling system

Reduces the engine speed to an idling speed when levers and pedals are not activated.

Swing System

The superstructure is swung through an axial piston motor and a planetary reduction unit. The automatic swing holding brake and anti-rebound valve come as standard. Max. swing speed 10.9 rpm


An automatic two speed travel motor powers each track. The track brakes are multi-disc, spring-applied and hydraulic released. The brakes, travel motors, brake and planetary gears are well protected in the track frame.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system, named “Automatic Sensing Work Model”, is designed for high productivity, high digging capacity, high manoeuvring precision and good fuel economy.

Easy Exit and Entry CAB accessible

The cab has a wide door and is lined with sound-absorbing material. In addition, it is supported by hydraulic dampening mounts to decrease shock and vibration, and it has all-around visibility.

Integrated HVAC System

A 4-speed fan supplies the pressurised and filtered cab air. The air is distributed via eight vents.

Ergonomic Seat

The adjustable operator’s seat and control consoles move independently to support each individual operator. The seat has eight adjustments and a seat belt to meet any operator’s requirement.


We offer both trade and public hires and provide a rapid delivery service if needed. All our hires are competitively priced, and our service is exceptional. To book your plant hire equipment or ask a question about your project, please give us a call and speak to a member of the Bullimores team.

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What is the reach of a 13 ton excavator?

The maximum reach of our Volvo EC140 13-14 ton excavator is 8.9 meters.

What is the smallest width of digger?

0.8 Ton Diggers also known as Micro Diggers are ideal for narrow access spaces. They have a width of only 72.5cm and the rollover bar also folds down which makes these machines capable of going through tight doorways and corridors.

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