1.5 tonne digger hire

1.5 tonne digger hire Overview

1.5 tonne Digger hires from Bullimores mean that you will be hiring the Kubota’s KX015-4 mini excavators, which offer superior performance with a deluxe interior. These diggers raise the standard in the 1.5-2.0 ton category. In addition, they offer a powerful digging force and a more comprehensive working range than other higher-end excavators.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Better digging force – Dig’s Faster
  • Maximises Digging & Lifting Performance
  • Minimised noise, vibration and emissions
  • User-Friendly Digital panel
  • Function Status – Additional Safety features
Technical Specification
990 mm
2350 mm
Cabin 1470kg / Canopy 1420kg
Maximum Digging Depth
2250 mm
Maximum Digging Reach
3790 mm

Enhanced Accessibility

Its size enhances accessibility to sites such as roadsides or residential areas. In addition, our 1.5 tonne Digger hire machines get the jobs done easier from large construction areas to small places.

Better digging force – Dig’s Faster

Our fleet of 1.5 tonne Digger delivers an exceptional bucket digging force. Its well-balanced and powerful arm and bucket allow the operator to dig quicker and more efficiently, even in the most challenging conditions.

Maximises Digging & Lifting Performance

Our fleet of 1.5 tonne Diggers is powered by Kubota’s impressive D782 13 PS engine. Engineered with the power to maximise excavating and lifting performance.

Minimised noise, vibration and emissions

Our fleet of 1.5 tonne Digger also delivers minimised noise and vibration, meeting all current engine emission regulations.

Easy cabin entry and exit

Increasing the cabin door width by 30% at the narrowest point allows quick access to and from the cabin, making operations that require frequent exiting, such as trenching and piping, much more accessible.

Digital panel

The digital panel has been designed to be user-friendly, positioned to the right front corner of the operator for easy access, visibility and convenient fingertip operation. In addition, there is a one-touch button operation to view the time, hour meter and tachometer.

Function Status – Safety features

Warning lamps with code numbers on display will alert you in emergencies such as overheating, hydraulic problems or low battery. Programming of the anti-theft keys can also be easily performed with the digital panel. With easier access, more straightforward settings, easy-to-read indicators and alerts, you’ll always be aware of the excavator’s functioning status.

Integrated travel motor hoses

Kubota has enclosed the travel motor hoses within the track frame for added protection.


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What is the smallest width of digger?

0.8 Ton Diggers also known as Micro Diggers are ideal for narrow access spaces. They have a width of only 72.5cm and the rollover bar also folds down which makes these machines capable of going through tight doorways and corridors.

How much can a 1.5 digger lift?

Don’t let their small size fool you – 1.5 diggers are mighty items of earthworks machinery used for a wide range of applications. With their small size, powerful lifting capacity and impressive digging depth, they’re an indispensable piece of machinery.

  • Lifting Capacity: 350 KG (approximately)
  • Maximum Digging Depth: 2200mm (on solid ground)

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