8 ton Excavator hire

8 Ton EXCAVATor Hire Overview

Our 8 ton Excavator hires mean that you will have an excavator that has been engineered to boost the performance and productivity on a wide range of excavator jobs. In addition, its 2-pump Load-Sensing Hydraulic System and other improved features make this 8 ton Excavator usability and smoothness of operation one of the best on the market.

In a nutshell, this machine is designed for long hours and low maintenance. Its features deliver high power, low emissions and cost-effective performance. 

Key Features

  • Makes Ground Finishing Work Easy
  • Maximises Performance and Productivity
  • Reduced Noise & Exhaust Emissions
  • Saves Energy & Running Costs
  • Includes Back Suspension Seat to Reduce Strain
  • Enhanced Safety Features
  • Performs in Narrow Spaces
Technical Specification
2200 mm
2550 mm
8350 kg
Maximum Digging Depth
4600 mm
Minimum Front Swivel Radius with Boom Swing (left/right)
2050/2380 mm

2-pump Load-Sensing Hydraulic System 

Our 8 ton excavators have an improved 2-pump load sensing hydraulic system that ensures smoother operation, regardless of load size. In addition, it enables hydraulic oil to flow according to the precise range of the operator’s lever activity. As a result, it delivers greater overall operating performance and reduces fuel consumption. 

Auto Idling System 

The Auto Shift is fitted with an advanced two-speed auto-shift feature. When the control levers remain neutral for over 4 seconds, it automatically adapts the speed and traction force depending on load size and terrain to improve the travel performance and secure a smooth and easy operation. In addition, the idling system will automatically reduce the engine to idling RPM. When the levers are moved once again, the engine RPM is immediately reset to the RPM set on the dial. Reduced noise and exhaust emissions, along with energy and running costs savings, are gained from this innovative feature.

Dozer Blade with Float Function 

With our 8 ton excavators, the dozer height doesn’t need any adjustment to make a clean ground surface after backfilling. Instead, all you need to do is keep the dozer in the float position and travel backwards along the covered ditch. As a result, ground finishing work is now easier and faster than ever.

Adjustable Maximum Oil Flow on Auxiliary Circuit 

Two proportional control auxiliary circuits are standard on our 8 ton diggers. The easy access switch on the left and right lever allows accurate and straightforward yet minute operation for a wide variety of attachments. Both circuits’ maximum oil flow settings are conveniently adjustable from the driver’s seat via the digital display panel – no additional tools or complex manual adjusting procedures are necessary. In addition, you can programme into the memory of the digital display unit up to five oil flow rates coordinating to specific attachments. Your programmed settings are ready to be easily retrieved when needed.

Deluxe Interior

On our 8 ton excavators, your comfort truly comes first. The luxurious cabin features a deluxe seat and a wider entrance, enabling a more accessible entrance and exit to and from the cabin. The Operator Protective Guard (OPG) and Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) maximise safety. Furthermore, operability is vastly improved with more easy-to-use features than ever before.

Air Conditioner 

A powerful cooling/heating system and six air vents provide optimum comfort on the coldest and hottest of days.

Deluxe Suspension 

Bullimores, 8 ton excavator hires, include a high-back suspension seat designed to reduce strain and minimise operator fatigue. In addition, it reclines to accommodate your individual posture and offers weight compensation, firm wrist support and a retractable seat belt.

Digital Display Panel 

Kubota’s Intelligent Control System puts convenience at the operator’s fingertips. Featuring more effortless button operation and more straightforward settings, including an easy-to-read LCD panel that reveals timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. And also displays information such as engine RPM, engine temperature, fuel level, machine hours, and a 90-day usage register with recorded machine hours for each day the machine is worked.

Front Window Guard / Top Guard

Our 8 ton diggers hires are provided with window guard mounting points around the front window as a standard feature. This feature is extremely useful for operators who require added protection from debris and flying fragments when using some attachments or when anti-vandalism is important. 

Console Adjustment for Easy Access and Exit

For easy access and exit, you can raise the safety control lever making the console move up with it, and allowing more room for entry and exit. All control levers are automatically disabled when the console is not in place to prevent unexpected machine movement during entry or exit.


Our 8 ton excavator cabins are certified as standard as a Roll-over Protection Structure (ISO 12117-2) and an Operator Protective Guard (ISO 10262). 

Advanced Visibility Mirrors 

The large rear-view mirror offers a wide range of visibility. Along with the two side-view mirrors, you get a better view of your worksite, as well as your immediate surroundings.

Tank Electric Refuelling Pump 

The KX080-4α2’s 8 ton excavators standard diesel refuelling pump includes an auto-stop function that minimises spillage and increases safety. Filing from empty takes approximately three minutes.

Tight Tail Swing 

Our 8 ton excavators are all designed with a short rear overhang, ensuring improved workability in restricted space, increased versatility, and better stability. The rear overhang also features cast-iron protectors to which significantly reduce damage to the machine in space-restricted work sites.

2 piece boom version

Our KX080-4α2 8 ton excavators can be equipped with a two-piece boom so you can take on more challenging jobs in a broader range of sites. Furthermore, with its easy control and smooth operation, extra versatility even under difficult working conditions minimises operator fatigue.

  • Expanded working range 
  • Impressive dumping range
  • Efficiency in narrow spaces 

Easy Boom Control 

The user-friendly design of the 2-piece boom pedal makes it incredibly simple to operate. The boom control is located to the left of the driving pedals. The operator just needs to flip the footpad and depress the pedal’s right side to extend the boom or the left side to retract it. This feature makes the footwork necessary to operate the boom smoothly super simple.

Smooth Simultaneous Operation 

Each 8 ton excavator has a 2-piece boom, and as such, performance is reliably smooth and fast. In addition, its innovative hydraulic mechanism allows the operator to run the arm, boom, bucket easily, and swivel simultaneously, improving productivity and work efficiency. 

Anti-theft System 

Our 8 ton excavators include a world-class anti-theft system. This system ensures, only programmed keys will allow the engine to start up. Anyone attempting to start the digger with an un-programmed key will activate the alarm. Other security features include a key alert to remind the operator to extract the key post-operation and an LED alert to prevent potential theft.


We offer both trade and public hires and provide a rapid delivery service if needed. All our hires are competitively priced, and our service is exceptional. To book your plant hire equipment or ask a question about your project, please give us a call and speak to a member of the Bullimores team.

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