0.8 tonne digger hire

0.8 tonne digger hire Overview

Our Kubota K008-3, 0.8 Tonne Diggers for Hire are super-compact and highly reliable. In addition, this digger has enhanced operator protection, which makes it the super mini-excavator of choice for tough jobs where space is limited.

Key Features

  • Roll Over Protection System
  • Narrow and Widen Track Operation
  • Fits through Doorways
  • Easily Add and Remove Attachments
  • Reduced Emissions, Noise and Vibrations
  • Lifting points for Ease of Transport
Technical Specification
72.5cm / 86cm
1.65m with roll bar down
Maximum Digging Depth
Maximum Loading Height:

Roll Over Protection System

Our 0.8 tonne digger hire’s have a ROPS for additional protection, and each is standard-equipped with a foldable rollover protective structure. For ease of Transport, you can fold the ROPS down and simply haul the 8 tonne digger on lorries and travel under doorways to work indoors.

Narrow and Widen Track Operation

With the easy, single-lever Operation, our 0.8 ton digger hires hydraulically adjustable track gauge can narrow in seconds to enable navigation in tight spaces. You can also widen the track gauge as far as 860 mm to provide a 15% upsurge in stability, even while operating with hydraulic breakers.

Fits through Doorways

When adjusted down to 700 mm, our 0.8 ton diggers can easily fit through most doorways, permitting access inside buildings. In addition, the quick-fold blade adjusts in size quickly by the simple removal of one pin.

Easily Add and Remove Attachments

Quick-release bucket pins that allow you to speedily remove and replace attachments without any tools in no time at all.

Reduced Emissions, Noise and Vibrations

The engine is highly trusted in the compact industrial machinery market,
The efficient combustion created by the engine’s unique Three Vortex Combustion System reduces exhaust emission, noise and vibration.

Lifting points for Ease of Transport

Three-point lifting allows a crane to lift it for Transport easily and safely.

Handy Toolbox and Manuals

There is a handy toolbox under the driver’s seat, and instruction manuals are stored in a compartment attached at the rear of the seat.

Easy Access to Components

The engine cover’s tilt-up function reveals most of the engine providing easier access to components.

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Which areas does Bullimore Plant Hire Cover?

Our plant hire coverage is spread across Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and beyond. servicing significant areas such as: Lincolnshire Leicestershire Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire Hertfordshire Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire Warwickshire

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What is the smallest width of digger?

0.8 Tonne Diggers also known as Micro Diggers are ideal for narrow access spaces. They have a width of only 72.5cm and the rollover bar also folds down which makes these machines capable of going through tight doorways and corridors.

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